Why only accept a Bank Transfer on certain items ???

Most "electronic money" - being credit cards and PayPal accounts etc, has a "chargeback" or "unsatisfied purchaser" provision by law which is all handled in different ways that is often all an interference to the contract you have with a seller.  Though this is an unlawful "tort", US Federal law exists and  electronic funds processors have written into their "User Agreements" terms contrary to law which cause all sorts of problems.  The items vended here are all custom products or non-compete non-disclosure intellectual property that once seen, provided you in print or by consulting, or embarked upon building or ordered, cannot be refunded.  People still in their own way will pursue an alternative approach which is to file either a Not as Described claim or a chargeback to the credit card or account that paid for the item to get around our contract unless they are taken to court to enforce it.  Bank Card companies call this "friendly fraud". Court is a costly option usually not worth the time for the value of the item.  We use Bank Transfer on custom items generally over $200.00.  A Bank Transfer is technically paying in cash and not rescindable; and it saves us the issues associated with most on-line payment processing providers today.  It also re-affirms the terms of our contract by doing so as one physically has to go to a bank usually to initiate it.   See our TOS at https://bigbay4bestbuys.com/content/terms-service-andor-use

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Why only accept a Bank Transfer on certain items ???  See our TOS at https://bigbay4bestbuys.com/content/terms-service-andor-use