What kind of site is this and how can I join it ??

The site is structured like eBay to allow users to sell items, except we do not do or take PayPal. We use only Stripe as a Payment processor. EBay started as selling used items of users, but we are an arm of an energy development fueling system manufacturer that also as a retail arm uses the internet sites to present information and  sells other things. The only difference is we act as bankcard aggregator through Stripe using their Connect platform and selling on our site is free other than a fixed transaction fee of usually 99 cents flat, in addition to Stripe's transaction fee.. You need to read our terms of service and the links incorporated therein to understand more thoroughly.  You could also join the company by purchasing a franchise and becoming active in pressing forward for success.  See https://hydrogenpowercentral.com/great_investment_opportunity

Detailed Question

What kind of site is this for me to take advantage of ?? See ALSO our TOS at https://bigbay4bestbuys.com/content/terms-service-andor-use